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(The result you get is only approximate pension.
That value can not be claimed as entitled Pension whaterver may be the reason.)
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If you left the service between 50 to 57 years of age after completing 10 years of service, you have to fill the Early Pension date below.
For pension from a date other than your retirement date, you have to fill that option date
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Rs. 6500/- Max. unless opted for Pension on higher wages)
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Death Case

  • In case of died member having family, pension is payable to (1) the spouse and (2) two children below 25 years of age. When a child reaches 25 years of age, the third child below 25 yrs of age will be given pension and so on. If the child is disabled, he may get pension till his death. In any case, only 2 children will receive pension at a time.
  • In case of member not having family, pension is payable to single nominated person.
    If not nominated and having dependend parent, pension is payable first to Father and then on father's death to Mother.
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    Early Pension
    You may opt for early pension (reduced Pension), if: The pension amount will be reduced @ 3% progressively for every year short of 58 years of age.
    Eg. If a person of 56 years age opt for reduced pension, and his calculated pension amount is Rs. 1000/-, his reduced pension will be  1000   X   (0.97)2  = Rs.941/-
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    2. Capital Return
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    Wages as on 15.11.1995
    For pension calculation, wages on 15.11.1995 is categorised as two slabs, viz., below 2500 or above. Pension will be calculated considering which slab you belong to
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    Pensionable Salary
    The service and Pensionable salary are most important factors determining your pension amount. Pensionable salary is the average of last 12 months salary of which Employer has contributed to EPS @8.33%. Again salary may be different from the salary you draw. As per EPF Scheme, the highest salary for which employer has to remit contributions to EPF is 6500/-. That is, employer has to remit 8.33% of actual salary or of Rs. 6500/- whichever is minimum. That is, evenif your salary is 20,000 per month, your employer need to contribute to EPF as if your salary is 6500/-.
    If there is a disproportionate increase/change in the salary drawn during last year (so as to increase the Pension), the computer will identify it, and appropriate action will be taken by the office against the Employer/Employee responsible.
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